The Point is a global insights agency started by smart, senior thinkers. It’s the place where the art of empathy meets the power of data. We find deep insights into how things are now and sharpen them to a point, so you can use them to change what happens next.

Because in a world that’s overflowing with information and opinion, anyone can know. The Point is to understand.

Three research agency MDs from London and Los Angeles walk into a bar… and remind themselves just how much fun it is to run headlong into big brand questions, play with new tech, cook up smart techniques, and actually solve some problems. And lo, The Point is born!

We’re each different – different disciplines, different experiences and different focuses. But we share a love of geeking out about research and what it means for our clients. And together we work and iterate tirelessly, until we’ve got the singular insight that will live on – where years of experience, and weeks of work, are reduced to their purest form.

We do research. Interrogative, creative and innovative research. Qual, quant, analytics, brand and audience research. Focus group, survey, deliberative and ethnographic research. You get the picture. We do research.

In our years of doing research, we’ve tackled everything from deep immersions into emerging cultures to putting conjoint models inside conjoint models. We’ve hung out with everyone – from the brave and the bold to the truly strange to the exceptionally ordinary. And we’ve run experiments across tens of thousands of people to test out a single insight.

And if we don’t do it, we know someone who does. We bring in people who have super-skills in really specific areas – from machine learning to service design to semiotics. Whatever the challenge, whatever the technique, we do what we need to do to get that insight.



We’re collaborative by nature. We build on our experience by tapping into the knowledge of you, your teams, your agencies and experts we know, getting to the root of current thinking. Then, we approach each problem with two goals: To unlock people’s creativity – ours, yours, consumers’. And to test and iterate until we’ve found meaningful and useful understanding.



We’re a senior team…and we do the work. There’s no bait and switch between the pitch and the project. We love working with clients on questions that make us think – it’s what we’re built to do. So we take on projects that spark our curiosity and that we can take a point of view on. Then we go all in – working to get the job done brilliantly and quickly. And we stick around to make sure our insights and understanding infiltrate all levels of your company.



Our insights stand on their own. And travel without the need for user manuals or caveats. They inspire, and they get people talking. They become memes – little pieces of understanding that multiply, permeate and transmit themselves, creating their own momentum.  We do this by breaking insights into applicable chunks. That’s why we focus relentlessly on being straightforward, memorable, and useable.

Adam Short, Co-founder

Adam Short, Co-founder

Adam recently left his role leading 2CV’s European business to help create a fresh approach to research and insight at The Point.

He brings a bagful of experience to this new challenge: working with brands that are shaping or responding to disruption, from Amazon to PlayStation to Tesco; developing a people first culture; establishing a truly multi-disciplinary approach.

He has a deeply held belief in the power of approaching problem solving from different angles and perspectives. But delivering with clarity and focus to affect change.

Things to note: he’s dangerously addicted to spicy food; he loves exercise but ONLY if there is a ball and some spiky competitiveness involved; his son Albie has annoyingly good hair.

Ollie Willis, Co-founder

Ollie Willis, Co-founder

Ollie really loves research. Talking with real people, concocting experiments, ploughing through data…he’s genuinely passionate about the craft, helping clients use insights, and the endless possibilities to learn and try new things.

He started The Point so he could get back to foraging for jaw dropping insights, and delivering them in clean, useful frameworks. He’s honed those skills over 15 years in the industry, spent in London and LA, where he was most recently  Managing Director of 2CV:US. Over the years, he’s worked most closely with brands at the intersection of technology and entertainment, such as Netflix and EA.

When he’s not overanalyzing research problems, you can generally find Ollie outside – chasing his kids around, running with his dog across fields or up mountains, grilling come rain or shine…or in one of his favorite hostelries (all of which involve outdoor tables).

Alex Nketiah, Qual Lead

Alex Nketiah, Co-founder

A former Head of Qual at 2CV and Managing Partner of Davies McKerr, Alex has over 20 years’ experience as a senior level qual and integrated insight practitioner.

Throughout his career Alex has worked with weird and wonderful people in some of the most accelerated market conditions across the world, tackling challenging strategic issues and using the most immersive ethnographic and creative methods to unlock new possibilities across pretty much every category.

A brand, comms and proposition development expert, Alex has a love of design thinking and visual storytelling to fuel better brand development and innovation.

Got a challenging brief? A question you’ve been mulling over for a while? A hunch or thread that you want someone to follow? Maybe you’re just seeing some odd stuff in your data. Give us a call – we’ll help you out. 

And if you’re looking for restaurant, pub or hike recommendations in LA or London, give us a shout, we can do that too.